We pay the same attention to studying new ways to reduce the impact of our production
process on the environment as we do to the quality of our products.
This means RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT, the same environment that provides us with
raw materials and which hosts us.

We are equipped with a PV solar system for that reason, this solution alone covers about 80% of our total energy needs, resulting in a very low emission level. Of course, to this we add our commitment not to waste energy, through the use of new, energy efficient machinery and the installation of LEDs to illuminate all areas of the plant.

The choice of packaging materials which have a LOW IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT, that are
reusable or recyclable is extremely important to us.

We are doing our best to adopt healthy measures with the aim of becoming an ECO-FRIENDLY

Support for investments in energy efficiency

Financing for the construction of a kWp photovoltaic system – Action 4.1.1.