where use of the raw materials chosen is the first step of the production process, leading to the CREATION OF GENUINE PRODUCTS, which can be included in your everyday

We have a vast selection of products beginning with carefully chosen mixtures.

The AUTHENTICITY of our bakery products is our strong point, all our products have been developed to satisfy every type of dietary requirement.

With this vast choice and variety, our products can accompany you throughout the day.


Flour Mixture

A range of white mixtures and wholemeal mixtures which are both plain and with seeds, to enrich both your table and your everyday diet. This is a line of products for home cooking with which you will obtain professional results.

Breakfast products

Our dry cakes, biscuits, fruit tarts; all without preservatives and with an aroma and crumbliness that you ONLY FIND WITH HOME-MADE PRODUCTS.


Bread, the primary element in Mediterranean cooking traditions, for everyday consumption, fresh without preservatives made with few ingredients, just like bread made at home.


A line of frozen pizzas to suit every palate, from the most basic to the most appetising, you won’t be able to resist temptation!


Our craft beers, to sip with a good pizza or for evenings with friends… King or Queen beers, suitable for drinking at any time, their taste is really surprising.

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2021 “.